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Covid & Travel

Get the latest Covid travel info

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Ensuring your on-board safety

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Assistance with Covid testing

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Keeping up-to-date with country requirements

Safety On Board
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Safety On Board

Alto Aerospace is committed to providing safe services to our clients in accordance with EASA, UK CAA and HM Government guidelines to reduce risk of exposure to our clients and crews.

Our aircraft are fully de-contaminated after every task with specialist aviation products certified to protect surfaces against the virus for up to 10 days.

You don't have to wear a mask on board as you are booking the aircraft as one party, however, for your comfort and piece of mind our flight crews will wear a face covering when pasing through the cabin.

We like to provide a personal service to our clients, however we also want to respect your personal space and preferences. On greeting you before a flight, our flight crew won't shake your hand unless extended by the passenger.

Covid Testing

Some countries still require either a PCR or a Lateral Flow test to be taken prior to arrival and usually within 72 hours of your arrival into a country.

Our Client Services team will help you clarifying the rules of your destination and return journey, and we can help supply Lateral Flow tests where required on the day of flight, just ask our Client Services team before you fly.

If you have symptoms of Covid-19 you should advise our Client Services team beforehand, don't worry, we appreciate that these things happen and we will do our best to re-schedule your flight and avoid any cancellation fees.


You can obtain a free PCR test from the NHS when in England if this is the case, however, these tests are not valid fortravel and you have to obtain a certificate for travel in most cases through a private clinic.

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Covid Testing

Entry Requirements
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Entry Requirements

As a result of Covid many countries have constantly changing rules and regulations for entry depending on your vaccination status and any territories you may have travelled through recently.

For the latest information on travel restrictions we recommend you check the UK Governments list of Green, Amber and Red list countries, found here:

Some countries will not accept a written letter of vaccination status, so  always bring your vaccination card when you travel and download and setup the NHS App to get your digital vaccince certificate before your flight. 


Download the here for iOS and Android.

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