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Air Freight, Cargo & AOG

Keep your logisitics line on-track & on-time

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980 KG Payload

We're used to handling big loads

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8.58 m3 Volume

A lil' bit of bulk never hurts


AOG Priority

AOG Cargo? Let us know!

Industry & Couriers

Alto Aerospace can assist and help your supply chain with air transport solutions across the UK and Europe for ad-hoc charter, short or long terms requirements.

→  Air Freight

→  Goods In/Export

For Individuals

Have something valuable to  you that needs transporting safely and securely? Give our Client Services team a shout and see how we can help you, in all manor of sensitive situations.


King Air 200 - Specifications

Passenger capacity: 7 + 1 Lav seat

Loading Capacity Kg: 988kgs

Loading Capacity lbs: 2,180lbs

Main Deck Volume: 8.58m3

Main Deck Door: 51in x 27in (129cm x 68cm)

Length: 43.8ft

Wingspan: 54.5ft

Max Range: 1,580nm (2,930km)

Cruising Speed: 283Knots, 525km/h, M0.425


Time Critical Frieght

As an operator ourselves, we understand the consequences caused by unexpected or sudden obstacles such as production line interruption, AOG cases or closed road-routes.


When costs increase every minute, time is critical. 

-  20 minute average response time for quotes.

-  H24 Operations available.

-  Utilise the closest airport to you with our high performance King Airs.

Time Critical Frieght

Sensitive & High Value Goods

Safety & security is always a top priority. Whatever type of valuable shipment, we will work with you to understand your exact requirements and concerns. Together, we will provide flexibility operate a flight to your supply chain needs.

-  Secure cargo handling.

-  All staff strictly vetted.

-  Supply chain tracking with movement messages and accurate ETAs.

Sensitive Goods
Air Ambulance

Medical & Humanitarian Flights

Alto Aerospace are able to assist in the transport of goods and resources for medical and humanitarian applications. The King Airs capability to operate into smaller strips and high load capacity reduces lead times for vital medical supplies, transplant donor flights or other humanitarian goods.

Alto Aerospace can also provide full MEDIVAC support across Europe and North Africa with our specialist medical teams and life-support equipment.


Medical & Humanitarian

Animal & Pet Transport

Need to transport a furry friend?

At Alto Aerospace we adore animals and look after them like our own.


Checkout our Pet Travel page for more information on transporting your pet by air, as well as guidance on veterinary & health requirements for travel.

Animal Transport
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