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Fly the King of the Sky

Jet-set lifestyle without jet prices


Unparalleled Comfort

Some say size doesn't matter, we think it does.

The King Air cabin is more spacious than any comparable light jet. Giving passengers plenty of leg room and head room. Our ergonomic seats provide lateral tracking & reclining to make sure you're comfortable.

Need some quiet time? Our passengers can enjoy our inflight noise-cancelling headphones to listen to music or watch a film connecting to your own device by Bluetooth, complete with a Covid sanitary kit for your safety.

King Air 200 G-VALK

Getting You Closer

Get closer to your final destination by utilising smaller airports inaccessible to jet aircraft, needing just 1000m / 3300 ft runway and still providing a 700nm range, the King Air will get you home.


Examples of UK smaller airports we can use:


- Blackbushe, EGLK

- Oban, EGEO

- Solent, EGHF

- Dundee EGPN


Wine & Dine Catering

Every flight we make comes with a freshly made hamper as standard, with snacks and an open bar, including beer, wine, soft drinks and more.

If you fancy something more, let our client services team know and we'll gladly arrange additional catering. At our home base of Bournemouth we are partnered with the excellent team at The Bunker Café in Christchurch, who supply us with a host of delicious food for our clients and crews. 

Checkout their menu at 

King Air Cockpit

Need Bulk? Luggage

Don't like travelling light? No problem.

The King Air is well suited for carrying bulk with its large in-flight accessible baggage area, big enough to carry 8x full size family suitcases, along with their owners!

Unmatched by any light jet, if you're packing, we're used to carrying big loads ;)


Need some inspirtation?

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