specialised operations

Alto Aerospace is proud to be a leader in the acquisition, leasing and management of special mission aircraft which is a substantial component of our business. We recognise the utmost importance of matching the right kind of aircraft with the client’s needs, and also undertake all necessary modifications to ensure the aircraft we deliver you is a perfect fit for your projects. This includes the provision of additional equipment and payloads where necessary.

Our service is professional and highly discrete with all information we receive, right from your initial enquiry, is handled on a need-to-know basis to ensure absolute confidentiality for your operation. In addition to providing special mission aircraft, Alto Aerospace offers a broad range of special mission equipment to lease or buy. This includes cameras, FLIR (forward-looking infrared imaging systems), thermal imaging, RADAR, LIDAR (light radar), and hyper spectral and magnetic detection payloads.

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Surveillance &


Alto Aerospace specialises in deploying specifically modified manned aircraft platforms, for the purpose of providing ISR capabilities. We are able to provide a full spectrum of ISR operations. Find out more below.

Maritime Surveillance

Alto Aerospace are able to deliver a bespoke, reliable and highly affordable maritime surveillance solution with capability for Line of Sight (LOS) downlink or Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) uplink allowing encrypted data to be viewed by the end user anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

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Pollution & Weather Control

The Met Office Civil Contingency Aircraft or 'MOCCA' is a state-of-the-art science platform operated by Alto Aerospace in collaboration with the UK Met Office. 


With her advanced equipment fittings and data analysis capability, the MOCCA aircraft serves as a platform for environmental research projects, including pollution control and Volcanic Ash Cloud Surveillance.

Aerial Survey

Our multi-purpose aircraft low speed stability provides an excellent platform for Aerial Survey. This dynamic operating range allows for ultimate clarity, delivering the best results in real-time.

Aerial Photography & Filming

Alto Aerospace's DA42 Aircraft serve as a perfect platform for air-to-air or air-to-ground photography & cinematography. Using our Flir HD turret-mounted camera, we can go further, faster and higher than comparible helicopter or drone operators at a fraction of the cost.

Design & Approval

Alto Aerospace can create a tailored, cost-effective solution for your mission using all available assets and new technologies.


Our specailist design and approvals team gives us flexibility to create a unique package for your mission.