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low cost, high quality online aviation courses for operators


Crew Ground Training Without The Price tag

'Recurrent Training shouldn't be a chore that we do to tick a regulatory box. Our ultimate aim is to have qualitative training, where the operators safety system actively drives re-current & initial training content, not just regulation.'

Capt Billy-Ray Palmer

Head of Training, Alto Aerospace

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Written by crew, for crew.

There's nothing worse than a computer-generated voice droning on for 3 hours. Or even a real one.

Our CBT platform provides high-quality course content, written by our industry professionals and developed from our own safety system. Written by crew, for crew.

With accurate 3D modelling, a smooth course system and built-in testing and review.

Re-current Trainng

Re-current Training

Alto Aerospace is able supply a range of self-study courses using our online learning platform allowing operators and crew members to conduct re-current training anywhere with an internet connection 24/7 365, with instant access, automatic certificate issue and invoicing.

Meet Otto, our course instructor here to guide you through our your training programme. He knows a lot about regulations, and you can contact him with any of your training queries on:  |  +44 (0) 1202 570 087

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Compliance & Safety

Alto Aerospace have developed our courses to meet and exceed the need of operators like ourselves. As with any operator, our safety and complaince monitoring systems are at the core of what we do.


All our courses are created in line with regulation EU 1178/2011 as retained (and amended in UK domestic law)  and approved by the Civil Aviation Authority.

With regular course material updates you can ensure your crews are provided with up-to-date, accurate and concise information relevant to your operation. 

Compliance & Safety
Our Courses

All Weather Operations

Edit this paragraph to add any content you would iike to share about your company or service.

Global Reporting Format

An introduction to the rules and procedures of the Global Reporting Format released by ICAO in November 2021.

Dangerous Goods

Promotes awareness of Dangerous Goods on board and the principles regulating the carriage of Dangerous Goods.

Air Ambulance GenFam

Providing initial training to medical teams flying with us on Air Ambulance missions, featuring Normal & Emergency procedures.

Why Choose Us
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Keen to know more of our training platform?

Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and how we can work together to meet and exceed your training needs, from initial course development to hosting your own content on our platform.

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