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Air Ambulance Platform

Cost effective fixed-wing air ambulance platforms for medical repatriation providers across Europe


More Cabin Space


High Weight Capacity


Use smaller airports


Low Operating Cost


Re-furbished Fleet


In-House Maintenance

Alto Aerospace are a CAA approved AOC operator, proudly owning and operating their own fleet, including two Kingair B200 aircraft which are fully configured for lifeport PLUS stretcher systems along with a proven track record of medical repatriations with superb reviews from our clients and passengers.

The importance of an efficient, flexible and cost effective transfer within medically defined transfer times is important to us, not only in terms of fulling fulfilling contractual obligations but also in the provision of care to patients and their family members who are will already be scared, stressed and uncomfortable due to their medical circumstances.


Alto Aerospace and our crew ensure that the transfer is not only efficient and effective but caring, courteous and  compassionate ensuring as pleasant a journey as possible for the patient, medical crew and family and meeting of the  same expectations that our Corporate & Private Charter customers demand.

Air Ambulnce

Make Alto your chosen Air Ambulance partner ♡

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Fitting Your Needs

Alto Aerospace is the only Air Ambulance provider in the UK to offer both manned and unmanned ambulance platforms, meaning we can offer a tailored solution to suit your flight requirements.


We can either supply a fully manned platform with CQC approved medical support up to ICU Level-3, or an aircraft only option where your own medical teams join onboard.

Any medical teams that fly with us must hold approval by the UKs Care & Quality Commission (CQC).

Get Flight Ready 

Are you a CQC approved supplier?

Before your medical teams join us on-board, we provide our online CBT training to your medical staff in aircraft systems, equipment as well as Crew Resource Management (CRM) and Threat & Error Management (TEM) techniques.

Available for free as part of our Air Ambulance services, make sure your medical team is flight ready.

CBT Training.png
G-VALK Engine

Keen to know more of our ambulance services?

Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and how we can work together. Download our White-paper to discover more about our industry Air Ambulance solutions for Insurance companies, repatriation providers & more.

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