Science Missions


Specialists in airborne sensing

With our bespoke solutions and flexible mission platforms, no mission is too big or too small.



Alto Aerospace is extremely proud to be working with the UK Met Office to support the Met Office Civil Contingency Aircraft (MOCCA) by operating our modified Cessna 421C.


Weather & Scientific Research

Alto Aerospace specialises in airborne atmospheric measurements and research. Working with leading universities and Meteorological organisations, We are a proven and trusted provider for bespoke solutions for leak detection, emissions quantification, air quality research, and much more.

Our fleet of aircraft are able to be modified to carry a vast array of instrumentation in order to fulfil almost any purpose.

Below is a sample list of equipment that we can fit to our platforms:

  • Satellite communication gives simultaneous data and voice link the end user.

  • AIMMS-20 air data probe – provides measurement of temperature, humidity and pressure.

  • Cloud Aerosol and Precipitation Spectrometer (CAPS) probe - measurement of aerosol particle and cloud hydrometeor size distributions.

  • Aerosol lidar - UV aerosol backscatter lidar that provides information on distribution of aerosols / clouds above and below the aircraft.

  • Gaseous inlet - supplies externally sampled air through four outlets for gas sampling instruments (currently sampling SO2).

  • SO2 analyser.

  • Iso-kinetic aerosol inlet.

  • Integrating nephelometer.


Bespoke Services

Whatever your requirement is, Alto Aerospace is able to provide an aviation solution along with the most suitable platform to perform the function. Our in house Part 21 design organisation can design all the required modifications and our in house Part 145 can install the modifications ready for us to operate the aircraft on your behalf.


No project is too big or to small. Contact us to see what solutions we have for you.